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We are actively investigating, and prosecuting cases, involving serious personal injuries arising out of the use, or consumption, of the DRSP/EE (drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol) based pills that are trademarked under the names: YAZ, Yasmin, BEYAZ, SAFYRAL and their generic equivalents. These oral contraceptives are the subject of MDL litigation in the Southern District of Illinois, as well as coordinated proceedings for ‘mass torts’ in Pennsylvania, California and New Jersey. Please contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your potential claim with Mass Tort Attorney, Gabriel F. Zambrano.

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On October 14, 2011, ABC NIGHTLINE aired an investigative report on YAZ BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, or BITTER PILLS. This story was rerun the following morning on Good Morning America on October 15, 2011. The woman featured in this story was 24 years old when she suffered bilateral pulmonary emboli which she alleges were caused by a DRSP (DROSPIRENONE) birth control pill - YAZ. While on her way to the hospital, her heart reportedly stopped for four (4) minutes and she survived only to remain in a coma for weeks. Upon awakening she did not make a full recovery and remains completely blind. The ABC NIGHTLINE INVESTIGATION appears below.


Previously, Mass Tort Attorney, Gabriel F. Zambrano was featured in a November 2009 story on KTLA News in Los Angeles, California, regarding the YAZ Yasmin Ocella litigation. This story focused on the DRSP/EE contraceptive pills and cases being filed against the manufacturer. A link to related news video KTLA: Birth Control Users Report Serious Problems - Victoria Recano Reports appears here: KTLA: BIRTH CONTROL USERS REPORT SERIOUS PROBLEMS. The related print story entitled: BIRTH CONTROL:BITTER PILL was featured by KTLA, as well as The Chicago Tribune, as depicted below. Gabriel F. Zambrano is a sponsor of www.YAZBitterPills.com which also provides related information on these pills and their dangers, as well as a FaceBook Page: “YASMIN & YAZ CLAIMS” and YAZ LAWYERS @YAZATTORNEY on TWITTER.

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Gabriel F. Zambrano is a member of the MDL Discovery Committee, Representative Counsel or Co-Counsel in several of the YAZ 1st 100 Bellwether Discovery Cases, Admitted Pro Hac Vice in the Pennsylvania Mass Tort Proceedings as Representative Counsel or Co-Counsel for YAZ 1st 100 Bellwether Discovery Cases and has taken Depositions on Behalf of the PA Liaison Counsel of BAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS Corporate Representative(s) with Most Knowledge.

Gabriel F. Zambrano has been advocating about the dangers of DRSP (DROSPIRENONE) containing birth control contraceptives for nearly four (4) years and was one of the original thought leaders in why litigation was imminent and necessary to provide remedies and monetary damages to women, and girls, injured by these contraceptives. As noted above, he is actively involved in the MDL litigation as a member of the Discovery Committee, as well as in coordinated state court proceedings.

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