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We are actively investigating, and prosecuting cases, involving serious personal injuries arising out of the use, the trademarked NUVARING (ETONOGESTREL/ETHINYL ESTRADIOL). This includes cases involving death, blood clots leading to strokes, pulmonary emboli, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks or myocardial infarcts. NUVARING cases have been consolidated into a Multi-District Litigation or MDL litigation for purposes of facilitating the discovery process and scheduling of civil jury trials.

In “Combined Hormonal Contraceptives (CHCs) and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Endpoints”, the FDA found both types of birth control presented higher risk of blood clots to users in comparison to other available forms of contraception. Similarly, despite heavy direct to consumer marketing, there was limited data available on these risks even after FDA released the findings of their own study.

On May 10, 2012, the British Medical Journal, (BMJ), released “Venous Thrombosis in Users of Non-Oral Hormonal Contraception: Follow Up Study, Denmark 2001-2010”, which specifically addressed for the first time the risk in women of subcutaneous hormonal implants. The study concluded that NUVARING presents users with a 90% higher risk of venous thrombosis in comparison to oral contraceptives containing levonorgestrel. In the opinion of the authors, this meant NUVARING was a risky as use of DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing birth control pills which are trademarked as YASMIN, YAZ, BEYAZ and SAFYRAL. In sum, “[v]aginal rings increased the risk of venous thrombosis 6.5 times compared with non-use of hormonal contraception, corresponding to 7.8 events per 10,000 exposure years”.


A June 14, 2012, study published in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE (NEJM), found that use of NUVARING VAGINAL RING contraceptives are linked to higher risks of strokes and heart attacks. This marks the second study in less than thirty days finding the hormone releasing rings present higher risks to users.

Please contact our office for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your potential claim with Mass Tort Attorney Gabriel F. Zambrano. Gabriel F. Zambrano is a member of the MDL Discovery Committee, Representative Counsel or Co-Counsel in several of the YAZ 1st 100 Bellwether Discovery Cases, Admitted Pro Hac Vice in the Pennsylvania Mass Tort Proceedings as Representative Counsel or Co-Counsel for YAZ 1st 100 Bellwether Discovery Cases and has taken Depositions on Behalf of the PA Liaison Counsel of BAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS Corporate Representative(s) with Most Knowledge. Gabriel F. Zambrano has been advocating about the dangers of DRSP (DROSPIRENONE) containing birth control contraceptives for nearly four (4) years and was one of the original thought leaders in why litigation was imminent and necessary to provide remedies and monetary damages to women, and girls, injured by these contraceptives. NUVARING and DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing birth control pills have been linked to higher risk of blood clots in similar studies, as well as one study released by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) during October 2011.
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