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We are actively investigating, involving serious personal injuries arising out of the use, IUDs (Intra Uterine Devices). Specifically, the MIRENA IUD manufactured by BAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS. This product is ‘FDA approved’, however during July of 2010 it was revealed that physicians across the US had been ordering ‘Black Market’ IUDs from the internet that are not recommended for use in the US. Regardless, it is believed that even the ‘FDA approved’ version of these trademarked IUDs are related to a number of debilitating injuries in girls and women. Such injuries potentially include, but are not limited to, the following:

DEATH from complications;
Perforation of the Uterus, Uterine Wall or Cervix;
Embement of the MIRENA IUD requiring surgical removal or hospitalization; and
Migration of the MIRENA IUD within a girl or women with the need for surgery and resulting scarring or disfigurement

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Gabriel F. Zambrano is also a sponsor of links related to MIRENA LAWSUITS that include the following:

Free information is also available through MIRENA LAWSUITS on FACEBOOK. This FACEBOOK page has existed for over 2 years and provides timely, non-confidential information relating to the MIRENA IUD, news and updates. Please visit these links or contact us for additional information.

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MIRENA IUD Attorney, Gabriel F. Zambrano was previously featured in a November 2009 story on KTLA News in Los Angeles, California, regarding the YAZ Yasmin Ocella birth control litigation. This story focused on the DRSP/EE contraceptive pills and cases being filed against the same manufacturer, BAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS. He was an early advocate of dangers surrounding the MIRENA IUD and began sponsoring related informational sites to assist victims and survivors. With regard to the news story below, a link to KTLA: Birth Control Users Report Serious Problems - Victoria Recano Reports appears here: KTLA: BIRTH CONTROL USERS REPORT SERIOUS PROBLEMS. The related print story entitled: BIRTH CONTROL:BITTER PILL was featured by KTLA, as well as The Chicago Tribune, as above.

As a dedicated advocate to girls and women that suffered blood clot injuries from use of DROSPIRENONE (DRSP) containing contraceptives Gabriel F. Zambrano is a sponsor of which also provides related information on these pills and their dangers, as well as a FaceBook Page: “YASMIN & YAZ CLAIMS”.

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